Hello world!

GDOS – why me?

Someone asked me why I would spend my off day at our Great Day of Service (GDOS). I was surprised by the question. Yes, this means I will give up my off day this week. Yes, I have a good excuse that I deserve a day away from the church. And yes, it’s not in my contract as a senior pastor. So why me at GDOS? Because I learned a long time ago that “leaders lead and leaders serve!” I know that I need to be one of the servant volunteers at GDOS – it is really a joy and privilege. I look forward to standing alongside people of all ages this Saturday as we fan out across this community and demonstrate just how much Jesus loves this community. This is the church at its best.

We will take the love of Christ into 30 locations where we will visit the lonely, repair roofs and porches, clean up yards and cemeteries, distribute food and medicines, build shelves, paint walls and a host of other servant acts that will make people smile and bring joy to the heart of God. Why me? Because it’s a blessing and a thrill to see the poor fed and clothed, to see the elderly loved and comforted, to know that a family will have a new porch or a roof that does not leak. Yes, I will be at the GDOS and give up my off day. I can’t imagine anywhere else that I would have a better time or feel more inspired about my life and our mission as a church. Leaders are called to serve and to lead by serving. Jesus said it this way, “Whoever would be great among you shall be the servant of all.”

 To me, this means that the chief qualification for potential, great leaders is a heart to serve the least, the lost and the lonely.

Come, serve with me and experience the joy!

Richard Hunter


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