Yesterday we had a fire in our historic chapel. Severe damage occurred downstairs in the chapel and we have smoke damage in the chapel where our Children’s worship now occurs in wonderful ways. We will move this starting Sunday to the Youth Center. I am so grateful the damage was contained, the firefighters did a great job and our other buildings were unaffected.

Driving to the church after hearing the news, I thought I would never get there. Fire engines kept zooming past me and traffic was terrible. Just the day before we held our Drive Through Prayers and our spirits soured. Oh, our outlook can be like a roller coaster ride! Yet the spirit at the church last night was high. People rallied and rejoiced in our blessings: no one hurt, this can be fixed and God is so good. Everything goes forward, the church’s mission is undeterred!

Some of the children asked me why God would allow a fire at our church? I answered very reasonably that creation involves fires and rain, life and death. Then I also said something that surprised even me. I told them that I think God has a lesson in this for us. The church is not a building, but a people; a movement of God’s Spirit! He will teach us and bless us through this tragedy – He always does!!


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