Worship With Our Youth

Tonight I led worship with our high school youth. There were about 150 of them present and they were Spirit-filled! It has been a long time since I have been in such a high energy, exciting worship service. They worship with abandon, they are not guarded and they love to praise and lift up the name of the Lord. When we celebrated the Lord’s Supper, they rejoiced and gave thanks. Then we did a renewal of baptism for 12 of the youth. Each youth brought their parent and had their picture made. With each baptism, the youth cheered and celebrated their renewal of faith. One younger teen’s brother rushed forward after his baptism and embraced his brother for all to see.

These youth invite their friends, witness to their love for God and are eager to serve in the church. They welcome one another with hugs and great joy! The group is multi-cultural and represents the various hues of our community. There are six high schools represented in this large group. Many of these youth lead prayer groups early on Wednesday at their local schools. Most of these youth are also in a small group being discipled in how to follow Jesus Christ. I could feel the movement of the Holy Spirit in the room.

Wow!  Tonight made me hopeful and excited about the future of the church. Praise God!!


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