About 1.4 million people visit Israel and the Holy Land each year. Why do Christians make this pilgrimage? What does it mean for us and our faith story? I went to Israel and Egypt in 1980 and it was like an extra year of seminary. We walked through the Biblical places where God parted the Red Sea, where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River and the path through Jerusalem where he carried the cross to Calvary.

One of the most amazing days was at the end of our tour. The night before we joined together for a service of foot-washing and Holy Communion just like Jesus did with his disciples the night before he was crucified. Then the next day we walked the path from Pilate’s house to Golgotha. We read the scriptures about that faithful day when he died for the sins of the world. Then we held a celebration in the place that some people think he was buried. Of course, we did not see a decomposed body because he arose from the dead and lives forevermore!

One day we got on a boat and sailed across the Sea of Galilee. I imagined Jesus walking across the water to meet us and tell us he was in control of even the storms of my life. Then we sat down on the Mount of Beatitudes and read Matthew 5, the Sermon on the Mount. His words and actions came alive for me and I felt transfigured into his day and presence.

Want to walk these places with me and Meri? We are leading a group to the Holy Land next year in NOVEMBER 2014. Message me for a brochure and more information. This pilgrimage will change your life and grow you faith exponentially!


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