Serve Me or Serve You?

Last week an old friend sent me a message asking if I could recommend a church in her city. I recommended 2 strong churches with capable pastors and strong mission ministries. She replied that they had already visited those churches and felt like they did not offer her family enough services. When did church become about what the church could offer me?

When I read the New Testament, the early church was all about serving Christ and reaching out to those who needed the good news of salvation and to understand the love of God for all people. Maybe the best question for my good friend and many of us as well is to prayerfully ask “Where can I worship and serve God best in my community?”

The primary mission of the church is about serving God and reaching the world that God loves. What are you doing to accomplish your part in this focus? Are you Just shopping around or jumping in to joyfully serve where needed?


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